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Victoria B. Wikler

Spiritual Advisor, Activist, facilitator of “Decolonized Spirit”


I have completed three years of training in Transpersonal Breathwork, a euro-centric psychotherapeutic technique that is supported by a spiritual worldview. I am also trained in Celtic shamanism, which uses ancient spiritual tools that are supported by history.

But… What my trainings & accumulated credentials have failed to support is my lived experience as a millennial, multiracial, technologically raised, femme of color,  with mental differences. That’s a lot to leave out of an education meant to fuel and lead the rapidly expanding world of spirituality. Actually, trainings like mine, while profoundly life changing in one respect, have failed to support the worldviews of many people like myself. They tap quickly into oneness without being able to hold difference. For example, there is no existing space (within the psycho-spiritual institutions that have educated me so far) big enough to consider my background in Thai Voodoo. In my 5 years of professional training, any time I brought up my identity as a witch (a practice that has long lived throughout Thai history and continues often subtly in the modern Thai household) I have been shamed, analyzed, and/or written out of the curriculum.  Any time the theme of technology or social media landscapes have come up in my Breathwork experiences, they too have been set aside and either pathologized or spiritually bypassed. The list goes on and on when it comes to the exact ways in which current psycho-spiritual institutions do not allow space for those who are uncomfortable with dated, euro-centric modes of healing.

 This is just one example of what it looks like to colonize an individual’s spirit.


Instead of opening the road to us, spiritual and psychotherapeutic institutions have taken POC’s cultures and values and, over time, have made them accessible. This is good, it is reasonable for an institution (like the institution of social class and race) to use its privilege and accessibility to help make things easier for folks to use. Right? However, it becomes problematic when the institution of privilege takes from culture and replaces it with a false sense of belonging in order to benefit and capitalize on the cultures that it has taken from- without replacing what has been taken. This deprives a culture of it’s history and buries it deeper & deeper into the unconscious of those who it belongs to, while inflating it in those who do not originate.

This is just one example of what it looks like to colonize a culture’s spirit.

But what institutions do not have, what social media algorithms don’t have, and what colonized behaviors do not have; is Love. If Love is the vessel for Spirit, then this is one thing that can never be quantified by an oppressive force.

This is what my work aims to unpack;


A way to decolonize the spirit.


I am a lot of things, with a list of credentials, of which you can ask me about after hearing my message - because the most important thing for you to know, is that I am living the message I aim to deliver- an open invitation to decolonize the spirit with some tools to help you lead with it.

I am based in Philly, accessible for 1-1 video calls for spiritual advising, & I travel for speaking sessions/workshops.


* Trainings, workshops, & keynotes on Decolonized Spirit - Summer 2019 can be curated via. Email and video conference


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i think the most radical thing one can do today-
is incorporate spirituality into our social landscapes & political awareness into our spiritual landscapes
— yours truly